Say hello to your

new beauty routine

You are going to love the versatility

these products provide and yet are

so simple and compact.

You are going to love the versatility
these products provide and yet are
so simple and compact.
new beauty routineSay hello to your

Seint Makeup

Seint's 3D foundation has made it easy to add dimension to your face without all the layers. With a combination of highlight, contour, blush and illuminator your face will become three dimensional; because our faces were not meant to look flat! Check out the full line of makeup and build your own custom compact including eyeshadows, too!

Demi Colour

Demi Colour is a breakthrough approach to makeup that utilizes color science and light in an innovative cream formula to brighten, sculpt, and enliven your skin tone. The result is an undetectable makeup that preserves the unique texture of your bare skin while neutralizing your complexion to enhance the features you love and smooth imperfections.

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"I love Seint's Demi line. There hasn’t been anything ever that compares or works like this. It’s so natural but yet you look put together and awake. Kami is so good to work with. She matched me and then I got a one-on-one video call with her to go over any questions you have or to have her explain things to you. She has been there since the beginning asking me how I love it or if I have any questions. I would recommend Kami to anyone thinking about getting into Demi!"

- Nicole T.

"Before working with Kami, I had a hard time finding the right color of makeup. I really loved how Kami was so friendly and helpful. She spent a lot of time making sure that it was done right and that I liked it. With her help, I found colors that matched my skin perfectly. She also took the time to show me and my girls an easy method of applying it. I love how the makeup looks and how it lasts throughout the day. I highly recommend Kami."

-Kelsie W.

"I wasn’t sure I was up for trying Seint 3D Foundation because I’m in my 60’s and saw how beautiful it looked on all the “younger” girls. When Kami color matched me online, she nailed it! My shades were perfect and I’ve never felt more confident about my makeup routine, even if I am “old”! Kami continues to check in on me and I really appreciate the relationship we have developed even though we’ve never met in-person."

-Sandy F.

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